„art-imaginär 2007” (Englische Fassung)

art-imaginär 2007
Fantastic and Visionary Art

When: September,16 th till October, 21th 2007
Where: Kunst im Herrenhof, Neustadt-Mußbach (Pfalz)
Opening hours: Saturdays 2 until 6 pm, Sundays and on official bank holidays 11 am until 6 pm and on Wednesdays from 6 pm until 8 pm

We would like to extend a cordial invitation to you and your friends to attend the opening of this exhibition on Sunday, September, 16th 2007 at 11 am.

Words of welcome: Gustaf Adolf Bähr, President of the Fördergemeinschaft Herrenhof Mußbach

Laudation: Maria Lucia Weigel, Art Historian

Lecture: Wolfgang Harms, „Life and Work of Joe Hackbarth”

Curator: Otfried H. Culmann, Labyrinthe – Society for Fantastic and Visionary Arts

A special catalogue was published on the occasion of this exhibition.

About the exhibition:

After the very successful exhibition „Der Faden der Ariadne – phantastische und visionäre Kunst” in 1998, the cultural centre Herrenhof is hosting another international exhibition of fantastic art named „art-imaginär 2007”. This exhibition is planned to be shown as a „Triennale der Phantastischen Kunst” in future and will be exemplary and unique in Germany.

In ancient times people sat around campfires and talked about their dreams, which were of great importance to them with respect to understanding their own existence, their past and their future, as it was the Gods themselves speaking to them through their dreams.

The oldest piece of art having been found so far is a sculpture of a man as a lion and thus a piece of fantastic art. For thousands of years, mythical creatures and surrealistic cities have been part of art and tales. However, they were considered to be real in those days, a fact which still holds true today, particularly in Asian countries.

The art of the fantastic is part of the under- and cross currents of all types of art and can be found in the period of mannerism, romanticism, symbolism, surrealism, in neo-mannerism of the post-modern period and in the outside-art scene. Nowadays the art of the fantastic is leading in many fields, particularly in the area of film (Fellini 8,5, Alien) and in the field of literature („Lord of the Ring”, „The never ending story”) and finds special acceptance and recognition in Anglo-Saxon countries where the expression „Fantasy” is widely used.

Since the 15th century there have always been artists who made the fantastic element an essential part of their art, e.g. Bosch, Piranesi, Arcimboldi, Blake, Moreau, Goya, Redon, Böcklin, Klinger, de Chirico, Max Ernst, Dali, Delvaux, Brauner, Tanguy, Oeltze, Magritte and Clerici.

Not until the invention of the internet have we been made aware of the many fantastic artists worldwide who need to be shown to a wider audience.

The art-imaginär 2007 is trying, within the set range of possibilities, to provide an insight into the wide spectrum of this fascinating type of art, starting with such traditional fantastic artists like e.g. Dali, Ende and Jené and going all the way to showing the latest artists in that spectrum.

Special exhibition: The art-imaginär 2007 is dedicating a special exhibit in the „Getreidekasten“ to Joe Hackbarth, who died in 2000.


Mysterious chamber

The art-imaginär is being presented in a particular architectural mode of exhibition. At the end of the tour visitors will find a mysterious chamber, filled with mysteriously beautiful objects, automated dolls and boxes to look into. All of these objects refer to the mysterious chambers of the period of mannerism as well as surrealism.


Mannerism and Fantastic Art

The two mannerism experts, Prof. Dr. Gustav Rene Hocke from Rome and Franz-Sepp Würtenberger from Karlsruhe, are receiving a special recognition in appreciation of their achievements.

Prof. G.R. Hocke, who wrote the book „Die Welt als Labyrint“ and Prof. F.S. Würtenberger, who wrote the research paper „Der Manierismus“, both gained international recognition. The two art historians had shown their high appreciation for fantastic art by publishing essays and articles about most of the artists who are shown here at the art-imaginär 2007. They also were in a close and friendly relationship to most of them.


Artists exhibiting at the art-imaginär 2007:

Bele Bachem

Prof . Moritz Baumgartl

Otfried H. Culmann

Salvador Dali

De Maria


Michael Engelhardt

Max Ernst

Edgar Ende

Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Claus Dietrich Hentschel

Fritz Hörauf

Werner Holz

Hermann Hoormann

Volker Heinle

Edgar Jené

Lucas Kandl

Joachim Lehrer

Barbara Lenz

Wolfgang Lenz

Michael Maschka

Hellmut Neukirch

Wolfgang Ohlhäuser


Walter Caspar Rauh

Prof. Herbert Rosendorfer

Christine Rogge

Uli Valjavec

Ulrich Seckinger

Norbert Stockhus

Elke Wassmann


Bernhard Apfel

Tamara Ralis

Prof. Gernot Rumpf

Bruno Weber

Jochen Winkler


Kostüme und phantastisches Figurenspiel: Margarete Palz
Sonderausstellung im Getreidekasten: Joe Hackbarth



Prof. Dr. Gustav René Hocke

Prof. Franzsepp Würtenberger



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